Flat Tires

Most of us have experienced the hassle of having a tire go down. Our youngest daughter borrowed my truck to visit friends while home for a three day Christmas break, and yes you guessed it, had a flat.
While this was a bit of a nuisance for her, it is likely a repair bill for me. Now before you think I'm complaining about her leaving me with a small expense, I want everyone to know that this is par for the course when owning a vehicle.
But this did get me thinking about the hassles and inconveniences of living. There will be, not might be, times of struggle in this life, but thanks be to God that we can lean on his strength and not ours!
What struggles have you encountered in 2010 and how has God worked through these circumstances to make you grow?

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  1. I don't get it. Some trouble comes along and immediately you seek to lean on a source for help. How does THAT help you? Why should trouble spur that "leaning"? Wouldn't it be better to appreciate God ALSO for the good times you have. Like with every breath? Besides, is it not preferable to exert our own potentials first? Are you promoting a sloth attitude, where you need not strive to improve? I don't get what you're trying to say.

    1. Thanks for your comment! I do think we have to use the common sense and reasonable judgment whatever circumstance come along. My point is that regardless of our circumstance, good or bad, we have a loving and caring God. I'm certainly not promoting sloth, but rather a recognition that God is much bigger than our little problems…he can handle anything we through at him, but he also wants us to use wisdom and intellect to solve issues.

    2. Sorry about the misspellings!


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